Friday, February 13, 2009


FriendshipFriendship is a rare jewel that shines,
Only when u give it a sunny smile
Friendship is a lock that opens,
Only when u unlock ur true self to it
Friendship is a song which is sung,
Only when u know its rhythm
Friendship is a dream which comes true,
Only when u believe in it
Friendship is a sun which rises,
Only when ur heart has set on it
Friendship is a throne, on which u can sit,
Only when u share ur kingdom with it
Friendship is a path, which u will find,
Only when u know u are lost
Friendship is a hand that holds urs,
Only when u extend urs
Friendship is an album of reminiscences, which u can leaf through,
Only when u cherish it
Friendship is a lamp which lights,
Only when u know it will assuage ur heart
Friendship is a lantern which glows,
Only when u need the warmth of it
Friendship is a language which u speak,
Only when u know the meaning of it
Friendship is a potpourri of feelings, which u can smell,
Only when u have a true friend!! :)

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